Cell therapy

Cell therapy
Immune regulatory T cell VT301 Technology transfer completed (Kyunghee university)
Completed Pre-clinical of Chemon (KOSDAQ-Listed Company), a domestic GLP company
Australian Clinic Phase 1 and Phase 2a will be entered simultaneously
U.S. Clinical Phase 1 and Phase 2a will be entered simultaneously
Under IND review of the Korea Clinical Phase 1

Natural product medicine

Natural product medicine
Depressive VT011 MFDS individually-approved functional foodItem authorization in progress
Dementia VT012 Clinical Phase 2 completed (Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS))
Clinical Phase 2b/3 in progress
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) VT014 Acute upper respiratory infection:  Clinical Phase 3 completed, Item authorization in progress
COPD : Clinical Phase 2 costs 12 Billion, Clinical Phase 3 Costs 200 Billion estimate
Alopecia and Depilation VT015 Preclinical efficacy completedHuman application test in progress

Health functional food

Health functional food
Regulation of blood glucose Health functional food VT021 individually-approved health functional food item authorization (2010-33)
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