Alzhimer's anti-dementia drugs VT301, VT012(PM012)


Multinational pharmaceutical companies have given up on developing dementia therapy, citing financial burdens and low chances of success, So far, there's been no drugs for the cure for dementia, No new drugs have been approved by the FDA since 2003.

Announcement of the government's plan to push for a "National Responsibility for Dementia" that will spend 1.01 trillion won on research and development related to dementia between 2020 and 2029.


The global market for dementia drugs is estimated at 12.61 billion dollars in 2024.

The number of dementia patients in Korea exceeded 600,000, The forecast dementia 1 million people in 2025., 2 million peoplein 2043 and 100 million people in 2050. (Ministry of Health and Welfare)


VT301 is about the formation of a degenerative brain disease prevention or treatment cellular therapy with the efficacy of regulatory T cells, personalization kits, and the phase in which these compounds are administered to degenerative brain disease objects.

VT012 is effective in the Yukmijihwangtang-gagambang(YMG), which is a prescription for anti-dementia drugs, and succeeded in pharmaceuticalization by extracting active materials that enhance the expression of a specific gene.

Demonstrate that amyloid beta accumulates and can improve Alzheimer's-type dementia, which destroys nerve cells, Registered in SCI journal (Molecular Neurobiology: Standardized Herbal Formula VT012 Decreases Cognitive Impairment and Promotes Neurogenesis in the 3xTg AD Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease)

VT012 shows 40% better ability to improve Amyloid beta composure than conventional synthetic anti-dementia drug, 20% better in spatial recognition testing, and 30% better nerve regeneration capability

Classification PIPELINE Candidate material Preclinical Clinical trial New Drug approval Item authorization
1 2 3
Cell therapy
(*Treg cell)
  • Technology transfer completed (Kyung Hee University)
  • Completed Pre-clinical of Chemon (KOSDAQ-Listed Company), a domestic GLP company
  • Australian Clinic Phase 1 and Phase 2a will be entered simultaneously
  • U.S. Clinical Phase 1 and Phase 2a will be entered simultaneously
  • Under IND review of the Korea Clinical Phase 1
Botanical medicine VT012
  • Clinical Phase 2 completed (Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS))
  • Clinical Phase 2b/3 in progress

Preparation for approval of new drugs and items with domestic pharmaceutical companies (clinical 3-phase IND)

When entering the market with existing pharmaceutical companies, approval of their own products and marketing strategies are possible through entering the pharmaceutical companies

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Memory-enhanced herb medicine composition including Rehmanniae Radix Preparata extracts (Registration number: 1005000290000, Registration date: 2005.06.29)

Performance task

A Study on the Development of Oriental Medicine Technology (IND approval and development of anti-dementia agent using Gugijihwang-Tang, The Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2008)

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